not included in the yearly fee
The circular packet service: You can put in or take out RPO postmarked envelopes & postcards
Exchange contacts You can place an advertisement in our RPO magazine "bp Berichte Bahnpost". One classified ad per year is free for our members.
Personal contacts 

Regional meetings: You can meet other members for exchange of ideas and/or cooperation.

RPO coaches 

We are the owners of three German RPO coaches built in 1955, 1965 and 1967.

  • All coaches are fully equipped like an original German RPO service.
  • After a complete renovation of two of them in the spring of 2003 they can be used for special trips on all German, Swiss and Austrian railway lines for the next eight years.
  • Their location is the Railway Museum in Losheim near Saarbrücken.
  •  On special days during the year one or two RPO coaches  are run on the museum line between Merzig and  Losheim. A special postmark is available in the RPO coaches for these trips
Attention Modelrailroader:
Models of RPO Coaches in 
HO and N
The Deutsche Post, department Postcollection, will be supported by us in developing RPO coach models. These modes you can exclusively buy at BArGe Bahnpost.
Sample issue of  " bp Berichte Bahnpost"

can be ordered with a protection charge of 4 € by: 
BArGe-Bahnpost eV., 
Postbank Frankfurt
IBAN: DE70545100670111681674

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