Cancellations 2002 (1)

2002_02_02_west_springfield_ma.jpg (34144 Byte) 02 February 2002
West Springfield, MA
Graphic: rail in circle
Slogan: "Big Railroad Hobby Show"
"Train Show Station"
2002_02_14_carbondale_il.jpg (38678 Byte) 14 February 2002
Carbondale, IL
Slogan: "Orchids, Trains, Planes, Stamps and Quilts"
2002_03_02_point_tx.jpg (63225 Byte) 02 March 2002
Point, TX
Graphic: Depot
2002_03_13_hartwick_ny.jpg (48095 Byte) 13 March 2001
Hartwick, NY
Graphic: stilyzed Steam Train in Circle
2002_04_06_marysville_pa.jpg (43738 Byte) 06 April 2002
Marysville, PA
Graphic: Steam Train on Railroad Bridge, Track
Slogan: Rockville Bridge Station
2002_04_06_new_haven_ct.jpg (55820 Byte) 06 April 2002
New Haven, CT
Graphic: Caboose
2002_04_14_portland_or.jpg (40190 Byte) 14 April 2002
Portland, OR
Graphic: (non railway) elephant
Slogan: Washington Park & Zoo Railway
2002_04_16_goodyears_bar_ca.jpg (60748 Byte) 16 April 2002
Goodyears Bar, CA
Graphic: Track and Mine Car behind Gold Washer
2002_04_20_carmen_ok.jpg (44887 Byte) 20 April 2002
Carmen, OK
Graphic: Steam Train on Track
2002_05_10_williams_ar.jpg (90296 Byte) 10 May 2002
Williams, AR
Graphic: Front view of the Steam Locomotive "Thomas" (out of a children's book)
Slogan: A Day with Thomas