Cancellations 2003 (1)

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2003_01_241_york_pa.jpg (92578 Byte) 24. January 2003
York, PA
Graphic: Trolley
Slogan: Trolleys: Serving York County
York Street Railway Co.
2003_02_01_denver_co.jpg (49760 Byte) 01. February 2003
Denver, CO
Graphic: Trolley
2003_02_01_west-springfield_ma.jpg (26177 Byte) 01. February 2003
West Springfield, MA
Graphic: Cross-cut of a railway track

Slogan: Big Railroad Hobby Show
Train Show Station
2003_03_15_erin_ny.jpg (278819 Byte)

15. March 2003
Erin, NY
Graphic: Diesellocomotive

2003_03_19_big-sandy_tn.jpg (122105 Byte) 19. March 2003
Big Sandy, TN
Graphic: Goods wagon
2003_03_27_paris_tx.jpg (73797 Byte) 27. March 2003
Paris, TX
Graphic: Santa Fe / Frisco Depot

Slogan: Santa Fe / Frisco Depot
Restoration Dedication
Railroad Station
2003_04_05_irving_tx.jpg (120231 Byte) 05. April 2003
Irving, TX
Graphic: Steam Locomotive
2003_04_11_sykesville_md.jpg (50759 Byte) 11. April 2003
Sykesville, MD
Graphic: Old Main Line Station Sykesville

Slogan: Old Main Line Visitor Station 
2003_04_26_waterville_ks.jpg (116221 Byte) 26. April 2003
Waterville, KS
Graphic: Depot Waterville 

Slogan: Waterville Depot Station
2003_05_03_norwalk_ct.jpg (74336 Byte) 03. May 2003
Norwalk, CT
Graphic: Switching Signals
Slogan: Switch Tower Station
2003_05_10_council-bluffs_ia.jpg (74250 Byte) 10. May  2003
Council Bluffs, IA
Graphic: Diesellocomotive

Slogan: Union Pacific Railroad Museum Station
Grand  Opening May 10, 2003 in Council Bluffs, IA 51503
2003_05_18_denver_co.jpg (44096 Byte) 18. May 2003
Denver, CO
Graphic: Baggage and Express Wagon
Slogan: Rocky Mountain Stamp Show Station
Baggage and Express S4
D.&R.G. United Staes Mail Railway Post Ofice
2003_05_20_kennan_wi.jpg (51091 Byte) 20. May 2003
Kennan, WI
Graphic: Steam Locomotive
2003_05_24_big_sandy_tn.jpg (280421 Byte) 24. May  2003
Big Sandy, TN
Goods Wagon
2003_05_24_columbus_oh.jpg (105962 Byte) 24. May  2003
Columbus, OH
Graphic: RPO Cancellation
2003_05_24_creston_wa.jpg (218113 Byte) 24. May  2003
Creston, AA
Graphic: Steam Locomotive
2003_05_30_mendota_il.jpg (185675 Byte) 30. May  2003
Mendota, IL
Graphic: Head of a Steam Locomotive
2003_06_01_bartlett_il.jpg (121177 Byte) 01. June  2003
Bartlett, IL
Graphic: Depot

Slogan: Bartlett Train Depot & first Post Office
Zip Code Celebration Station
2003_06_09_whitriverice_vt.jpg (93031 Byte) 06. June 2003
White River Jct., VT
Graphic: Steam Locomotive with Passenger Train
2003_06_07_cloudcroft_nm.jpg (240799 Byte) 07. June  2003
Cloudcroft, NM
Railway Bridge
Slogan: Salado Canyon Trestle Station