Cancellations 2003 (3)

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2003_08_01_laona_wi.jpg (110899 Byte) 01. August  2003
Laona,  WI
Graphic: Steam Locomotive
2003_08_01_st_louis_mo.jpg (103915 Byte) 02. August  2003
Saint Louis,  MO
Graphic: Eads Bridge  Saint Louis, Railway Bridge
Slogan: Eads Bridge
Postmark Collectors Convention
2003_08_09_sequim_wa.jpg (137295 Byte) 09. August  2003
Washington,  D.C:
Graphic: Caboose under Flag

Slogan: Strait
Stamp Show Station
2003_08_16_stirling_ca.jpg (149594 Byte) 16. August  2003
Stirling City,  CA
Graphic: Steam Locomotive, Track
Slogan: Stirling City Centennial Station,
The Diamond Match Co.
2003_08_16_woodbridge_nj.jpg (399553 Byte) 16. August  2003
Woodbridge,  NJ
Graphic: Head of a  Steam Locomotive with Chimney and Headlight beneth Woman

Slogan: Civil War Round Table of Central New Jersey
Civil War Living History Weekend Station
2003_08_22_kennebunkport_me.jpg (176434 Byte) 22. August  2003
Kennebunkport,  ME
Graphic: Trolley
Slogan: Seashore Trolley Museum
Restored U.S. Postal Delivery Car #108 Station
2003_08_22_lacona_ny.jpg (153902 Byte) 23. August  2003
Lacona,  NY
Graphic: Depot Lacona, Signal, Steam Locomotive

Slogan: Historic Lacona Depot Station 
2003_08_28_seward_ak.jpg (172272 Byte) 28. August  2003
Seward,  AK
Graphic: Steam Locomotive 

Slogan: Seward Alaska Centennial 1903 . 2003
Founder's Day Station
2003_08_31_writmer_wv.jpg (95363 Byte) 31. August  2003
Whitmer,  WV
Graphic: Steam Locomotive

Slogan: List Annual Whitmer Horton Homecoming Sta.
2003_09_06_huntington_or.jpg (105974 Byte) 06. September  2003
Huntington,  OR
Graphic: Head of a Steam Locomotive
Slogan: "Wagons to Rails" to Cycle Oregon Station
2003_09_06_pennsville_nj.jpg (69529 Byte) 06. September  2003
Pennsville,  NJ
Graphic: Open Wagon
2003_09_07_pensacola_fl.jpg (65586 Byte) 07. September  2003
Pensacola,  FL
Graphic: Steam Locomotive 

Slogan: Pensacola Model Railroad Club
Model Train Show
2003_09_11_huntsville_mo.jpg (107687 Byte) 11. September  2003
Huntsville,  MO
Graphic: Railway Bridge before mine (across this bridge the trains were entering the loading station (Verified by Paul Swierstra) 

Slogan: 115th Annual Randolph County Old Settlers Reunion
Huntsville Coal Tipple #2  - 1907
1870 - 1930 Deep Shaft Mining
2003_09_13_bourbon_mo.jpg (139303 Byte) 13. September  2003
Bourbon,  MO
Graphic: Depot Bourbon, Track 

Slogan: Sesquicentennial Sta.  1853 - 2003
2003_09_13_new-haven_ky.jpg (111881 Byte) 13. September  2003
New Haven,  KY
Graphic: stylized Steam Locomotive with horse head 

Slogan: Rolling Fork Iron Horse Festival  Station
Home of the KY. Railway Museum
2003_09_20_austin_in.jpg (89084 Byte) 20. September  2003
Austin,  IN
Graphic: Steam Locomotive 

Slogan: Austin Celebrating 150 Years of Family Tradition 1853   2003
Austin Sesquicentennial Station
2003_09_20_plattsburgh_ny.jpg (101040 Byte) 20. September  2003
Plattsburgh,  NY
Graphic: Open Gondola Wagon 

Slogan: 5th Annual Lake Camplain Hobby & Collectables Show
Crete Memorial Center Sta.
2003_09_27_castle-rock_co.jpg (95868 Byte) 27. September  2003
Castle Rock,  CO
Graphic: Steam Locomotive, Horse 

Slogan: A Moving History * A Grand Opening
Philip S. Miller Library Station
2003_09_27_danville_va.jpg (126167 Byte) 27. September  2003
Danville,  VA
Graphic: Steam Locomotive 

Slogan: Centennial Wreck of the Old 97 Station
2003_09_27_danville_va2.jpg (119293 Byte) 27. September  2003
Danville,  VA
Graphic: Steam Locomotive 

Slogan: Old 97 Station
1903 - 2003 Centennial Old 97