Cancellations 2003 (4)

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2003_09_27_dunbar_pa.jpg (85125 Byte) 27 September 2003
Dunbar, PA
Graphic: Trolley
Slogan: 2nd Annual Dunbar Community Fest Station
Trolley 716
2003_09_27_geneva_ny.jpg (87417 Byte) 27 September 2003
Geneva, NY
Graphic: Passenger Wagon

Slogan: Finger Lakes Railway Excursion Station
2003_10_18_kinzers_pa.jpg (162487 Byte) 18 October 2003
Kinzers,  PA
Graphic: Steam Locomotive

Slogan: Celebration Station
160 years of Postal Service
2003_10_25_enterprise_al.jpg (99049 Byte) 25 October 2003
Enterprise,  AL
Graphic: Depot
Slogan: Depot Centennial Station 1903 - 2003
2003_10_26_willimantic_ct.jpg (118988 Byte) 26 October 2003
Willimantic,  CT
Graphic: Santa Fe / Heads of two Diesellocomotives

Slogan: Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum
Golden Spike Ceremony
C.E.R.R. Museum Station
Connecting the Past with the Future
2003_11_13_stover_mo.jpg (104107 Byte) 13 November 2003
Stover,  MO
Graphic: Bahnhof Stover, Steam Locomotive
Slogan: Stover Centennial Station 1903 - 2003
Rock Island
2003_11_22_pittsburgh_pa.jpg (82031 Byte) 22 November 2003
Pittsburgh,  PA
Graphic: Steam Locomotive Sykesville

Slogan: All Saints School
9th Annual Train Display Station 
2003_11_25_rensselaer_ny.jpg (97790 Byte) 25 November 2003
Rensselaer,  NY
Graphic: Head of a Dieseltrain and a Steam Locomotive 

Slogan: Rensselaer Postal Store 
Grand Opening Station
United Staes Postal Service
2003_12_06_beecher_il.jpg (192706 Byte) 06 December  2003
Beecher,  IL
Graphic: Depot Beecher

Slogan: Beecher Depot
2003_12_12_opelika_al.jpg (74126 Byte) 12 December  2003
Opelika, AL
Graphic: Steam Locomotive 

Slogan: Christmas in a Railroad Town Station
2003_12_14_arlington_il.jpg (104488 Byte) 14 December 2003
Arlington,  IL
Graphic: Steam Locomotive