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2004_01_01_houston_tx.jpg (172658 Byte) 01 January 2004
Houston, TX
Graphic: Metrorail Houston
Slogan: Trolleys: Metrorail Station
2004_02_07_denver_co.jpg (77810 Byte) 07 February 2004
Denver, CO
Graphic: Trolley
2004_02_24_estacada_or.jpg (130743 Byte) 24 February 2004
Estacada,  OR
Graphic: Steam Locomotive

Slogan: Cemtemmial Station
2004_03_13_bordentown_nj.jpg (115597 Byte) 13 March 2004
Bordentown,  NJ
Graphic: Steam Locomotive  "John Bull"
Slogan: Celebrating the Return of Passenger rail Services to Bordentown, New Jersey
John Bull Station
2004_03_27_kalamazoo_mi.jpg (48808 Byte) 27 March 2004
Kalamazoo;  MI
IRPO der Kalamazoo & South Haven
2004_05_24_latrobe_pa.jpg (86091 Byte) 24 May 2004
Latrobe,  PA
Graphic: Steam Locomotive with Passenger Wagons

Slogan: Latrobe 150th Anniversary Station
2004_06_05_oto_ia.jpg (90127 Byte) 05 June 2004
Oto,  Ia
Graphic: Steam Locomotive, Railway Station
Slogan: Oto sesquicentennial Station
2004_06_11_rawlings_va.jpg (97646 Byte) 11 June 2004
Rawlings,  VA
Graphic: Steam Locomotive Sykesville

Slogan: Anniversary Station 
2004_06_11_concordia_ks.jpg (44955 Byte) 11 June 2004
Concordia,  KS
Graphic: Railway Station 

Slogan: Orphan Train
150th anniversary  Station
2004_06_13_caenberg_on.jpg (177297 Byte) 13 June 2004
Carnberg,  ON
Graphic: Steam Locomotive

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