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2004_06_19_effingham_il.jpg (73767 Byte) 19 June  2004
Effingham,  IL
Graphic: stilyzed Steam Locomotive

Slogan: Illinois National  Road Festival Station
Transportation celebration
2004_06_19_saxton_pa.jpg (85396 Byte) 19 June 2004
Saxton,  PA
Graphic: Steam Locomotive
Slogan: Saxton Liberty Sesquicentennial Station
2004_06_19_exeter_ne.jpg (71168 Byte) 19. June 2004
Exeter,  NE
Graphic: Track
Slogan: Tracks to the past leading to the future   1879  2004
125th Anniversary Exeter Ne Station
2004_06_21_sesser_il.jpg (126755 Byte) 21 June 2004
Sesser,  IL
Graphic: Steam Locomotive with Passenger Train
Slogan: Sesser Centennial 1904 - 2004
2004_06_25_alden_mn.jpg (155029 Byte) 25 June 2004
Alden,  MN
Graphic: Head of a  Steam Locomotive 
Slogan: Quasquisentennial Station 1979 - 2004
2004_06_25_footville_wi.jpg (138186 Byte) 25 June 2004
Footville,  WI
Graphic: Steam Locomotive with Passenger Train
Slogan: Sesquicentennial Station
2004_06_26_kirkwood_il.jpg (275057 Byte) 26 June 2004
Kirkwood,  IL
Graphic: Track
2004_06_26_strandquist_mn.jpg (136085 Byte) 26 June 2004
Strandquist,  MN
Graphic: Steam Locomotive 
Slogan: SOO Line
Centennial Station
2004_06_26_cushman_ar.jpg (45598 Byte) 26 June 2004
Cushman,  AR
Graphic: Steam Locomotive with Goods Train 
Slogan: Cushman Local "Train Station"
13th Annual Miner's day Celebration
2004_06_29_stoddard_wi.jpg (136982 Byte) 29 June 2004
Stoddard, WI
Graphic: Steam Locomotive with Goods Train
Slogan: River Excursion Station

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