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2004_07_01_galva_il.jpg (73298 Byte) 01 July 2004
Galva,  IL
Graphic: Under-carriage of a  Steam Locomotive 
Slogan: 150 Years
Galva Sesquisentennial Station
2004_07_02_munich_io.jpg (112868 Byte) 02 July 2004
Munich,  MO
Graphic: Steam Locomotive 
Slogan: Munich Centennial Station
2004_07_02_westhope_nd.jpg (73859 Byte) 02 July 2004
Westhope,  ND
Graphic:   Steam Locomotive 
Slogan: City  Centennial Celebration Station
History still in the Making
2004_07_02_clinton_mo.jpg (20475 Byte) 02 July 2004
Clinton,  MO
Graphic: Horse drawn Streetcar
Slogan: American Pride
Henry County Historical Society
Olde Glory Days Station
2004_07_03_haddon-heights_nj.jpg (74837 Byte) 03 July 2004
Haddon Heights,  NJ
Graphic: Gleis und Depot 
2004_07_03_tower-city_nd.jpg (185151 Byte) 03 July 2004
Tower City,  ND
Graphic: Steam Locomotive before Mine
Slogan: Quasquicentennial Station 1879  2004
Hometown Values in Family Fair
Agriculture Base. Mayn Rail Line, I #94 easy access
Transportation and Hospitality Services
Claims to Fame:
1896 Hook & Ladder World Title 
1915 State Boys BB
!962 State independent BB
1976 State Girl's Track
Home of the ND State Horse Pull
2004_07_04_amo_in.jpg (26005 Byte) 04 July 2004
Arno,  IN
Graphic: ?? Station Building

Slogan: Arno Interurban  Station
2004_07_10_dent_mn.jpg (42987 Byte) 10 July 2004
Dent,  MN
Graphic: Steam Locomotive

Slogan: Centennial  Station
2004_07_15_alliance_ne.jpg (76361 Byte) 15 July 2004
Alliance,  NE
Graphic: Steam Locomotive, Station Building

Slogan: Heritage Days Station  
2004_07_17_hallowell_me.jpg (43157 Byte) 17 July 2004
Hallowell,  ME
Graphic: Steam Locomotive  
Slogan: Hallowell Day  Station

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