Several different RPO
1939_06_08.jpg (10972 Byte) 08 June 1939
Royal Train RPO with RAILWAY MAIL SERVICE slogan cancel
1940_10_27.jpg (14967 Byte) 27 October 1940
World's Fair RPO with different RAILWAY MAIL SERVICE slogan cancel
1941_04_28.jpg (48950 Byte) 28 April 1941
First Trip of N.Y. Central's "James Whitcomb Riley" streamliner CHI. & CIN. RPO cancel with RMS "killer"
1949_06_03.jpg (36897 Byte) 03 June 1949
Although this appears to be a common BUFF. & JAMES (Buffalo & Jamestown, N.Y.) RPO, it is a real mystery since the Casey Jones stamp was not issued until 29 April 1950

1952_06_15.jpg (9158 Byte) 15 June 1952
Pittsburg & Chicago RPO (Broadway Limited - Train No. 28) with "PTS" in cancel bars

1952_12_14.jpg (18229 Byte) 14 December 1952
CIN. & St. Lou. (Cincinnati & St. Louis) RR (B&O Railroad) with regular RPO and RMS (Railway Mail Service) "killer" and the addition of a personal I.D. postmark (red oval) of the postal route agent for that mail car, Byron Clay
1954_04_30.jpg (14059 Byte) 30 April 1954
Aug. & Pt. Royal (Augusta, Maine & Port Royal, So. Carolina)
RPO with RMS "killer" on the last day of the train on the Port Royal & Augusta RR.

1977_06_30.jpg (15499 Byte) 30 June 1977
Final Trip of the last RPO to carry mail in the U.S. the New York & Washington (N.Y. & WASH.) RPO -- Train #3 on this date

 1990_08_20.jpg (32512 Byte)  20 August 1990
Stillwater & St. Paul
RPO with RMS "killer"