Pictorial Cancellations

This section provides illustrations and information about railroad thematic Pictorial Cancellations. Pictorial Cancellations are actually pictorial postmarks,
mainly 20th (and now 21st) century pictorial hand cancels of (authorized and issued by) the U.S. Post Office Department or the U.S. Postal Service. They usually consist of an illustration (motif) and an identifying slogan, with some part of this slogan or picture indicating the place of mailing. There are no separate defacing bars or "killers," as some portion of the picture or slogan will be applied in such a position as to mark and cancel the postage stamp. The listings included herein for Pictorial Cancellations will be as complete as we can make them, with new examples being added from time-to-time, as they become available.

Members of the Casey Jones Unit (and other collectors) who may possess
examples of appropriate railroad cancellations not shown on these pages may
assist in this ongoing project as follows:
1. Scan the item (at least at 150 dpi, preferred 300 dpi) and send the illustration to the webmaster, or
2. Send a high quality photocopy of the cancellation to Norman Wright the "The Dispatcher" editor by postal mail or in an e-mail .jpg file.
(Better copies of any cancels shown are also welcome)

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