Poland Steam Locomotives
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Polish Post writes about these locomotives:

Lovers of old locomotives call Wolsztyn the steam eldorado of Europe. Every year by the beginning of May the fans are coming here in multitude for the Big Steam Show.

The engine-house of Wolsztyn has been constructed in year 1907. It is now the only such a place where it is possible to see an old locomotive setting out. There are all over the world museums or Skansen museums with locomotives but nowhere else they are used to work on routs.

Polish Post is bringing into circulation four post stamps on which are presented the locomotives from Wolsztyn. The graphic design of these stamps are based on the photos of Mr. Dariusz Gulowaty.

face value 1. 10PLN - slow train engine Okl-359. Constructed in Schwarzkopf plant in Berlin in 1917. She started service with Polish railways after the war. Since 1989 she is stationed in Wolsztyn.

face value 1. 10PLN - slow train engine 01 49-7. Has been constructed in the plant of Fablok - Chrzanow in 1949. She was produced up to the year 1954. She is now the most frequently used locomotive in the engine-house of Wolsztyn, used to conduct slow-trains.

face value 2 PLN - freight train engine Tki-87. It is the oldest locomotive in the Wolsztyn engine-house. She has been constructed in Krolewiec /Konigsberg/ in 1908 to the order of the Prussian railways. After the war she came to Poznan. In 1995 she has been stationed in Wolsztyn.

face value 2 PLN - fast train engine Pm 36-2 called, "The Beautiful Helene". In 1936 the construction office for locomotives in Chrzanow has worked out an experimental set of the locomotive for light fast trains marked Pm 36-2. One year later have been constructed two engines of this set. One of them , Pm 36-2, has survived the turmoil of the war and has been exploited up to the year 1965. After a reconditioning in 1995 she has been stationed in Wolsztyn.

On the day of introduction of the stamps into the circulation will be issued for sale two sorts of FDC, cancelled special issue in the Post Office Wolsztyn 1.