05 / 2004
Gerade eingetroffene Neuheiten / Just arrived new stamps / Les nouveautés qui viennent de nous parvenir
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30. 03. 2004
Satz von vier Marken mit Metros in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary und Vancouver

The four stamps are being issued an the 5Oth anniversary of Canada‘s first subway, which opened in Toronto in 1954. They portray in correct detail the trains, station names and logos of rapid transit Systems in four Canadian cities: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.
The Toronto Transit Commission‘s subway first opened with only its Yonge Street Line; the parallel University Avenue Line was completed in 1963, and the Bloor-Danforth line in 1966. Montreal‘s Metro opened in 1966 as Canada‘s second subway System with lines running throughout the island, even under the St. Lawrence River.
Light rail is a low-cost electrical transit system, with small cars that can operate either at grade in mixed traffic or on a separate right-of-way. Ca!gary opened its Light Rail Transit (LRT) System in 1981 with track both below and at grade. Vancouver's Skytrain opened for EXPO 86 on an entirely segregated right-of-way through the city, much of it elevated.
As Canadian cities continue to grow ard the need for public transportation increases, these speedy commuter trains may well set us on the fast track to the future. (From "Details" of Canada Post Vol. XVIII No.1) 
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Staßenbahnen in Cuba
1. Santiago de Cuba
2. Habana
3. Camagüay
4. Matanzas

Trams in Cuba
1. Santiago de Cuba
2. Habana
3. Camagüay
4. Matanzas

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Block Staßenbahnen in Cuba mit Straßenbahnen in Havanna, Straßenbahn Aktien und Straßenbahnfahrmarken (Münzen)

 Souvenir sheet Trams in Cuba with trams in Habana, tram shares and coins to travel with tram

frankreich_03.jpg (88533 Byte) Frankreich
26. April 2004
Nahverkehrszug neben Straßenbrücke

Commuter train besides road bridge (This bridge is definitely no railway bridge, confirmed by Charles Marx, France)
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Kleinbogen mit 6 Werten, einer davon zeigt einen modernen Vorortzug

Minisheet with six stamps, one of them shows a modern shuttle train
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Double Deck tramway
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Block mit TGV

Souvenir sheet with TGV
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Kleinbogen mit verschiedenen Lokomotiven

Minisheet with several locomotives
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Kleinbogen mit vier Marken, eine davon zeigt Robert Stevenson und drei mit Dampflokomotiven

Minisheet with four stamps, one shows Robert Stevenson and the other three steam locomotives
neukaledonien_01.jpg (97214 Byte) Neukaledonien
Dampflokomotive "Decauville" von 1905, Eisenbahnlinie Noumea nach Paita auf Landkarte, Dampfzug auf Brücke

New Caledonia
Steam locomotive "Decauville" of 1905, railway connection from Noumea to Paita on map, steam train on bridge

nicaragua_01.jpg (53215 Byte) Nicaragua
Dampzug umrundet den Globus

steam train surrounds the globe
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Satz mit 6 Werten mit Hochgeschwindigkeitszügen


Set with 6 stamps with high speed trains

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Block mit rumänischem Triebzug "Sageata Albastra"


Souvenir sheet with Romanian high speed train set