07 / 2005
Gerade eingetroffene Neuheiten / Just arrived new stamps / Les nouveautés qui viennent de nous parvenir
Personalisierte Marken finden Sie hier / Personalized stamps you find here
bosnien_herzegowina_01.jpg (64517 Byte) Bosnien-Herzegowina
11. 06. 2005
"Eisenbahnen und elektrische Energie: 110 Jahre elektrische Straßenbahn und Beleuchtung in Sarajewo"

"Railroads and Electric Energy: 110th Anniversary of Electric Tram and Electrical Illumination in Sarajevo" 
bulgarien_01_klein.jpg (161478 Byte)

bulgarien_02.jpg (72575 Byte)

bulgarien_03.jpg (63921 Byte)
Ein Block mit 2 mal den gleichen Marken einer Elektrolokomotive und einem Dieseltriebzug

Souvenir sheet with two times the same stamps of an electric locomotive and a diesel railcar
canada_05_klein.jpg (306878 Byte)

canada_06_klein.jpg (267319 Byte)

canada_01.jpg (331407 Byte)

canada_02.jpg (83186 Byte)
02. 04. 2005
Ein Kleinbogen mit 16 selbstklebenden Marken zu jeweils vier Viererblöcken mit 4 Marken a 50 C mit Brücken in Canada, davon eine mit der Drehbrücke zum Canso Causeway (verbindet Neuschottland mit der Insel Cape Breton), eine Brücke für Eisenbahn- und Straßénverkehr Die Rückseite des Kleinbogens ist bedruckt und zeigt die vier Brücken im Großformat.


Sheet with 16 selfadhesive stamps shown in for blocks of four 50 C stamps, of which one shows the Canso Causeway (connects Nova Scotia with Cape Breton Island). On the stamp you can only see the Canso Causeway Swinging Bridge. The picture shows a cut through the bridge. It is very hard to find out that there is a railway. The left part of the picture shows a black part of the bridge and the left part (2/3) show a more light part. On the backside of the sheet the four bridsges are printed in big format. Due to the fact that the only entrance to the causeway (which definitely carries railway tracks) is the swinging bridge, the left part of the picture (on the stamp) with the swinging bridge must show tracks. 
canada_canso_causeway2.jpg (27788 Byte)
china_taiwan_02.jpg (82755 Byte)

china_taiwan_01.jpg (66502 Byte)

china_taiwan_03.jpg (80079 Byte)

china_taiwan_04.jpg (63468 Byte)


China Taiwan
09. 06. 2005
Alte Bahnhöfe (II) 
(1) Bahnhof Changhua
(2) Bahnhof Chiayi
(3) Bahnhof Tainan
(4) Bahnhof Kaohsiung

China Taiwan
Old Train Stations (II)

(1) Changhua Station (NT$5): Changhwa Station first became a railway stop in 1904, and the two-story wooden structure featured on the stamp was constructed in 1918. The building, which was torn down to make room for a new station building in 1958, had a steeply sloped roof and an arched front entrance. 
(2) Chiayi Station (NT$5): Chiayi Station first became a railway stop in 1902, and the reinforced concrete station building featured on the stamp was reconstructed in 1933. It is a marriage of a modern structure and classical design. 
(3) Tainan Station (NT$15): Tainan Station first became a
railway stop in 1900, and the reinforced concrete station building featured on the stamp was opened in 1936. This is the only remaining two-story Japanese Occupation era station building in Taiwan. Apart from handling passengers and freight transportation, in its early days it also contained a restaurant and a hotel on the second floor. Both the Chiayi and Tainan Station buildings are still in service. 
(4) Kaohsiung Station (NT$25): Kaohsiung Station first became a railway stop in Kaohsiung Harbor area in 1900, and the location was later moved to the current address in 1908. The
imperial-crown-style reinforced concrete station building featured on the stamp was built in 1941. This building has been turned into a museum by the Kaohsiung City Government.
(Thank you Hirosuke Katsumi)
italien_01.jpg (66590 Byte) Italien
22. 04. 2005
100 Jahre FS (Ferrovie Strato)
Marke mit symbolisiertem Lokomotivlaufwerk

100th Anniversary of FS (Ferrovie Strato)
stamp with symbolized locomotive wheels
litauen_01.jpg (95420 Byte) Litauen
11. 06. 2005
Technische Monumente, Der Eisenbahntunnel von Kaunas 
Der einzige Eisenbahntunnel in Litauen liegt an der Linie Vilnius - Kaunas. Baubeginn war im Mai 1859 und die Fertigstellung im November 1961. Er hat eine Länge von 1285 m und hatte vor dem 2. Weltkrieg 2 Gleise.

The only railway tunnel in Lithuania is installed in the railway line which connects the cities of Vilnius and Kaunas. The tunnel was begun to build in May 1859 and finished in November 1861. It was dug from both sides and has a length of 1285 metres. Until World War II the railway tunnel of Kaunas had two lines; after the war one line has been left. The tunnel will be renovated in the nearest future.
luxemburg_01.jpg (61149 Byte)

luxemburg_02.jpg (75574 Byte)

luxemburg_03.jpg (61961 Byte)
24. 05. 2005
Eisenbahnen von anno dazumal 
0.50 €  Schmalspurbahnwaggon: ”De Jhangeli”
0,60 €  Dampflokomotive AL-T3 6114
2,50 €  Personenwaggon PH 408

Railways of Yesteryear

0.50 €  Narrow-gauge Railway: ”De Jhangeli”
Opened on 17 November 1890, the railway line connecting Noerdange to Martelange, and its small train ”Jhangeli”, were, for 63 years, the means of communication between this region and the outside world. Witnesses of this era, the Niederpallen station and car C3f No 357 - CVE 35 (24 seats; 4.6 t) displayed nearby are depicted on this stamp.   
0,60 €  Locomotive AL-T3 6114
Built in 1891, the AL 6114 is one of three surviving locomotives from the first railway network created in Luxembourg, the ”Guillaume Luxembourg” line. After 40 years of loyal service, this small locomotive was resold in 1930 to serve another 40 years in various French industries before finishing its career at Givet in Belgium.
2,50 €  Car PH 408
Produced from 1905 in Belgium by the ”Ateliers de la Dyle La Louviere” then at Pétange, the PH cars were characteristic of the Luxembourg railway landscape for 60 years. Every luxury of the era was incorporated: spacious seats, large picture windows, steam heating, electric lighting, toilet. They were used by the CFL until 1967 and were used with all types of locomotives: steam, diesel, electric.
mikronesien_15_klein.jpg (132181 Byte)

mikronesien_17.jpg (58336 Byte)

mikronesien_16.jpg (64965 Byte)
VE DAY  60th Anniversary (1945 - 2005) 
Kleinbogen mit 5 Marken, davon eine mit einem angreifenden englischen Jagdflugzeug auf eine Dampflokomotive und eine mit der Eisenbahnbrücke von Remagen

VE DAY  60th Anniversary (1945 - 2005) 
Mini sheet with five stamps, one of them shows a British fighter aircraft attacking a steam locomotive and one showing the railway bridge of Remagen in Germany
neukaledonien_01.jpg (112064 Byte) Neukaledonien
Januar 2005
"Le Rail Caledonian" 
Zwei Dampflocomotiven der Linie Nouméa nach Dumbéa

New Caledonian
"Caledonian Railway"
Two steam locomotives of the railway line from Nouméa to Dumbéa
neuseeland_lokal_10_klein.jpg (114229 Byte)

neuseeland_lokal_11.jpg (77004 Byte)

neuseeland_lokal_12.jpg (116107 Byte)

neuseeland_lokal_13.jpg (108199 Byte)

neuseeland_lokal_14.jpg (113123 Byte)

neuseeland_lokal_15.jpg (115188 Byte)

Privat Post
Universal Mail New Zealand
Markenheftchen mit Eröffnung der Eisenbahnstrecke Rajshahi - Dhaka

New Zealand
Local Post
Universal Mail New Zealand
Booklet with opening of the Opening of the line Rajshahi - Dhaka
neuseeland_lokal_16_klein.jpg (110541 Byte)

neuseeland_lokal_17_jkein.jpg (118413 Byte)

neuseeland_lokal_18.jpg (62692 Byte)
Privat Post
Pete´s Post Philatelic

Ein Markenheftchen mit 10 * 40 C Marken mit Cable Car in Wellington

New Zealand
Local Post
Pete´s Post Philatelic
One Booklet with 10 stamps 40 C  with Cable Car in Wellington

neuseeland_lokal_19_klein.jpg (102551 Byte)

neuseeland_lokal_20_klein.jpg (92498 Byte)

neuseeland_lokal_21.jpg (70807 Byte)
Privat Post
Pete´s Post Philatelic

Ein Markenheftchen mit 10 * 35 C Marken mit der Eisenbahnfähre "Aratere"

New Zealand
Local Post
Pete´s Post Philatelic
One Booklet with 10 stamps 35 C  with the railway ferry "Aratere"
niederlande_05_klein.jpg (143643 Byte) Niederlande
Mein Niederland - Goes
Block mit fünf Marken ohne Eisenbahnbezug, auf dem Blockrand Gleise, kleine Station und ein Vororttriebzug 

My Netherland - Goes
Souvenir sheet with five stamps  without railway connection, on the border of the sheet railway tracks, a little station and a susbub train
st_thomas&prinzeninseln_56_klein.jpg (135434 Byte)

st_thomas&prinzeninseln_57.jpg (95043 Byte)
St. Thomas & Prinzeninseln
Block mit Shinkansen auf Blockrand und und Elektrolokomotive auf Marke

St. Thome & Prince Islands
Souvenir sheet with Shinkansen on the border of the souvenir sheet and Electric Locomotive on the stamp

st_thomas&prinzeninseln_58_klein.jpg (148515 Byte)

st_thomas&prinzeninseln_59.jpg (113109 Byte)

st_thomas&prinzeninseln_60.jpg (117240 Byte)

st_thomas&prinzeninseln_61.jpg (107262 Byte)

st_thomas&prinzeninseln_62.jpg (113556 Byte)

st_thomas&prinzeninseln_63.jpg (114268 Byte)

st_thomas&prinzeninseln_64.jpg (117794 Byte)
St. Thomas & Prinzeninseln
Kleinbogen mit 6 Marken mit verschiedenen Lokomotiven

St. Thome & Prince Islands
Mini sheet with 6 stamps with different locomotives

san_marrino_01.jpg (94218 Byte) San Marino
04. 06. 2005
Geschichte der Postdienste
Vier Marken, von denen eine einen Zug zeigt (0,36)

San Marino
In the Middle Ages, when regular mail service did not exist, urgent letters were sent by courier. Then in the 15th century, mail service started and later progressed from the horse to the stagecoach, from the train to the plane, and now to electronic means. Historically the means of transportation and the time required have changed, but not the essence of communication in real time. In the 16th century the expansion and regularity of the postal service began to favor a shift of information from a mainly mercantile and private plane to a more political and public one, involving larger and larger audiences. With the spread of the mail even the letter changed more and more into a global means of communication, containing not only commercial or official information but also personal, cultural and scientific data. In the 18th century, the men of science and letters considered themselves citizens of an ideal “Republic of letters” capable of uniting scholars in spite of political and religious differences.
sierra_leone_49_klein.jpg (111556 Byte)

sierra_leone_50.jpg (118223 Byte)
Sierra Leone
The Route to Victory - Battle of Britain
Kleinbogen mit vier Marken, eine davon zeigt Flüchtlinge in einer Londoner Untergrundbahnstation

Sierra Leone
The Route to Victory - Battle of Britain
Souvenir sheet with four stamps, of which one shows civilians  taking cover on underground station platform
schweden_01_klein.jpg (101941 Byte)

schweden_02.jpg (71796 Byte)
26. 05. 2005
150 Jahre Schwedische Briefmarken
Block mit vier Marken, von denen einen eine Dampflokomotive zeigt aus eine, Markenheftchen mit zwei Viererblocks

Souvenir sheet with four stamps, of which one shows a train out of a booklet with two blocks of  four
syrien_01.jpg (85227 Byte)

syrien_02.jpg (83532 Byte)

syrien_03.jpg (93656 Byte)
Internationaler Touristentag: Hedschasbahn
J 5   Dampflokomotive  SLM der Chemin de Fer Syrien (CFS). Achsfolge 0-6-2T, 1894
J 10  Danpflokomotive
J 10  Fassade des Bahnhofs der Hedschas Eisenbahn in Damaskus

International Tourist Day: Hedjaz Railway

J 5  A Chemin de Fer Syrien (CFS) SLM 0-6-2T of 1894 steam locomotive
J 10  steam locomotive
J10  Hejaz Railway Station façade, Damascus
union_island_01_klein.jpg (123484 Byte)

union_island_02.jpg (81352 Byte)
Union Island  - Grenadines of St. Vincent
200 Jahre Züge
Block mit einer Marke mit dem "Glacier Express" aus der Schweiz 

Union Island  - Grenadines of St. Vincent
Steam Bicentenary
Souvenir sheet with one stamp with the "Glacier Express" of Switzerland
union_island_03_klein.jpg (208884 Byte)

union_island_04.jpg (66249 Byte)

union_island_05.jpg (70166 Byte)

union_island_06.jpg (65958 Byte)

union_island_07.jpg (73013 Byte)

union_island_08.jpg (58158 Byte)

union_island_09.jpg (60002 Byte)

union_island_10.jpg (52632 Byte)

union_island_11.jpg (62585 Byte)

union_island_12.jpg (61000 Byte)
Union Island  - Grenadines of St. Vincent
Steam Bicentenary - 200 Years of Steam Locomotives
Kleinbogen mit neun Marken mit Dampflokomotiven und Diesellokomotiven

Union Island  - Grenadines of St. Vincent
Steam Bicentenary - 200 Years of Steam Locomotives
Mini sheet with nine stamps showing steam locomotives and diesel locomotives
weissrussland_05_klein.jpg (208046 Byte)

weissrussland_06.jpg (66883 Byte)
17. 03. 2005
60. Jahrestag des Sieges in Europa
Block mit zwei Marken. Auf der linken Marke ist im Hintergrund das Wrack einer Straßenbahn zu erkennen und auf dem Blockrand rechts unten sieht man einen Transportwagen auf dem in kyrillischer Schrift steht : "Wir sind von Berlin"

60th Anniversary of Victory Europe
Souvenir sheet with two stamps, of which the left shows the wreck of a steetcat in the background and on the border of the sheet you see a transpot wagon on which is writtwen in Kyrillic leetrs "We are from Berlin"