Railway Thematic Stamps
Railway Ferries or Ships of the Railways
by Horst Brix

bulgarien3256.jpg (24910 Byte)
Railway Ferry "Geroite na Odessa", Bulgaria
daenemark300.jpg (20043 Byte)
Railway Ferry "Fyn", Denmark
norwegen844.jpg (19887 Byte)
Railway Ferry "Storegut", Norway
sowjetunion5642.jpg (24948 Byte)
Railway Ferry "Mukran", Soviet Union

Following you see an index of the list of railway ferries
Im folgenden sehen Sie einen Index der Liste für die Eisenbahnfähren. 
Within the index you can:
1. click the number, then you get an enlarged picture of the stamps and a detailed description (at the moment only in German)
2. click the little picture within the index, then you get an enlarged picture of the stamp
3. within the list go from stamp to stamp either you click the forward arrow 
or the backward arrow   
390640 Bulgaria bulgarien2727.jpg (90775 Byte)
390710 Bulgaria bulgarien3256.jpg (79378 Byte)
390940 Bulgaria bulgarien4010.jpg (106258 Byte)
430040 Canada canada240.jpg (46944 Byte)
435000 Canada Official Stamps canada_dienst9.jpg (47741 Byte)
435020 Canada Official Stamps canada_dienst34.jpg (47293 Byte)
500030 Denmark daenemark300.jpg (39507 Byte)
500290 Denmark daenemark1157.jpg (67879 Byte)
523150 Germany: German Empire deutsches_reich657.jpg (62062 Byte)

For the list of railway ferries click here
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